COLLEGE Workshops & ONE-TO-ONE Coaching

From idea mining to final editing, we guide students through the complete process of essay writing, teaching techniques and strategies along the way. 

We offer a variety of options for workshops and one-to-one coaching. Whatever you choose, our process ensures your student’s success in writing the college admissions essays and supplements. We provide the necessary structure and time, along with expert guidance, encouragement, feedback, and support throughout the process.

EssayHouse offers flexible hours year round. In addition to summertime, evening, weekend, and after-school coaching, we can arrange school-season lunch-time appointments at EssayHouse, conveniently located on Park Street, just across from Montclair High School.

JumpStart WorkshopS for common and coalition app essays

The JumpStart Workshop includes a 2-hour small-group session and 1.5 hours of one-to-one coaching and provides everything students need to start writing the Common App or the Coalition App essay. The small-group session leads into individual coaching that helps ensure a strong first draft. Here's what we offer:

  • An understanding of the role of the personal essay in the application process

  • Insight into how admissions officers evaluate essays

  • Guidance in choosing the best essay prompt for your applications

  • Tools for brainstorming and developing compelling, original material for your essay

  • Direction for finding a shape for your story and a plan for how that story can reveal unique qualities that are not covered in the rest of the application

  • Good snacks!

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Supplements workshops

Many colleges require one or more supplementary pieces of writing. Admissions officers look to the supplements to gauge an applicant’s depth of interest in and knowledge about the school. We know what schools are looking for in the supplementary writing sections, and we guide students toward purposeful concise writing that hones in on just the right themes. Our Supplements Workshops help students streamline the process, do effective research, and express why they are the best fit for the colleges they're applying to. 

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one-to-one coachinG: 

One-to-one coaching is tailored to each student’s needs. Whether your student wants a jump start in brainstorming, an hour or two of drafting guidance, more sustained guidance through the whole process, or just an hour of help with final editing, we provide customized coaching for all stages of the writing process.

We begin with a brief conversation to review the student’s experiences, achievements, and interests, and get a sense of the colleges the student is considering. Understanding a student's background, talents, and goals helps us make sure that the Common App essay and/or supplements will bring out personal qualities and experiences that may not be presented in other parts of the application. 

Whether a student begins the writing process with us or brings us in during a later stage, we help them create an essay that will make them stand out. Brainstorming alternates with writing as we work with students to identify their strongest material, then provide tools and strategies to help them shape a compelling story into a structured essay. Revising and editing focus on finer points of structure, substance, and language. We nurture individual style, supporting each student in developing his or her authentic voice.

Ideally, each student will have the time to work through at least 2-3 drafts to ensure that the essay is powerful, distinctive, and persuasive. In the final stage, we proofread and provide thorough feedback on diction, syntax, and grammar, all with an eye towards respecting and preserving the writer’s authentic voice.

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college workshop and one-to-one coaching PRICING OPTIONS

The EssayHouse standard hourly individual coaching rate is $125. One-to-One Coaching is offered by the hour for any part of the application and for all stages of the writing process. 

We also offer coaching packages including:

The JumpStart Workshop Package – $420: Includes a 2-hour small-group workshop and 1.5 hours of one-to-one coaching and provides everything your student needs to start writing the personal essay.  The JumpStart Workshop Package is a savings off our standard coaching rate of $150 per hour.

Any student who participates in the Jumpstart Workshop Package may continue one-to-one coaching at the volume discount rate of $120 per hour.

The 5-Hour Package – $600:  Includes 5 hours of coaching. You may choose to include a 2-hour Jumpstart Workshop or use all five hours for one-to-one coaching. The 5-Hour Package is a savings off our standard coaching rate of $150 per hour.

One-to-One Coaching – $150: Includes any part of the application and for all stages of the writing process. 

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Other Essay Coaching

We coach essay writing for a wide range of applications including fellowship awards, Presidential Scholarship Awards, graduate school admission, the Bard Entrance Exam, and parents’ statements.  As experienced coaches and editors, we know and respect the limits of allowable help. We provide guidance in writing for competition and publication as well.

Contact us about your needs. We can arrange coaching to meet your situation.