Students come to EssayHouse with a wide range of interests, from art to athletics, from poetry to science and math. We lead them to write – with action, details, and description – about who they are, what is important to them, and why they are a great match for a specific college community. 

Our 2017 students have been accepted at Barnard, Boston College, Brown, College of William and Mary, Cornell, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Macalester, Northwestern, NYU Steinhardt, Oberlin, Syracuse, Tufts, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, Vanderbilt, Wesleyan, among other colleges. Here is what people have to say about working with us:

When my son received his congratulatory letter from the Yale admissions officer with a personalized note saying his application was “one of my favorite early action reads,” I knew that the officer had clearly taken time to reflect on his essays and give them significant consideration. Your guidance helped my son capture the breadth of his strengths and the attention of the reader. Your help was clearly impactful. Thank you!

— Mother of a Yale-bound high school senior
My daughter recently worked with Karen of Essay House to write her College Essay. Not only did she come out of the process with a fantastic essay, but more importantly, a new-found confidence and joy in her writing abilities. Karen taught her skills that will carry over into her college years and beyond. I highly recommend Essay House!
— Mother of a Montclair High School student
Before I met Meg, if you were to read my essays, you would think I was a baffled 8th grader writing an essay for a standardized test with a 30-minute time limit. Meg was able to help me in ways I still cannot express. Not only was she able to get me to express my emotions, she was able to get me to write them, a feat I thought was nearly impossible. She showed me I had a talent I didn’t even think to look for. Thinking that once I graduated high school, I would never have to take another writing class, I am now looking to forward to a college writing class. I owe Meg for everything I have accomplished with my essay process and cannot begin to explain the amount of stress that was relieved once I started working with her. Working with Meg was the best thing that happened during my application process.
— Casey, Montclair High School senior
The individualized attention taught my son how to think about essay construction and editing in a new way. He came away with a much deeper appreciation for the process that he will use in college.
— Mother of a Montclair High School senior
Meg and Karen have the perfect dispositions to work with teenagers. Calm, reassuring, they can turn a reluctant writer into a willing participant in one session. The essay my daughter wrote perfectly captured her essence in a story that would attract the interest of any college admissions officer.
— Mother of a Montclair High School senior
I was initially apprehensive about having to write college essays, and stressed, knowing that they are such an important part of the application. Thankfully, I met Meg Siesfeld, who created such a positive and productive environment that after our first 2-hour session, I was brimming with ideas and eager to start writing.
During every stage of the process, Meg encouraged me to shape, organize, and edit my thoughts. The result was two strong essays that effectively communicated who I am and what I am all about. I have now been accepted to many schools and I know that my essays have been a decisive factor. To any student wanting help with writing their college essays, Meg will make it a fun and rewarding process, and you will gain more confidence and hone your writing skills.
— Anna, Montclair High School senior
Seeing your child apply for their first-choice college is stressful. When I discovered that I had to write a parent’s statement to supplement my daughter’s application, I knew I needed help. Karen helped me find my confidence. Her guidance and coaching were invaluable. Her process took the stress out of writing, and helped me capture my thoughts beautifully.
— Mother of Stuyvesant High School senior
Meg is the teen whisperer. As a parent of a teenage boy, I know how difficult it can be to get him to open about about his feelings, let alone focus his thoughts and write them on paper. Meg has an innate ability to put kids at ease so they can explore the areas that set them a part and, from these, construct a compelling college essay. I was shocked by how well Meg helped our son capture his essence and how quickly she was able to direct him. Is it also okay to say that I’m really happy that I didn’t try to do this myself? Because I’m REALLY happy.
— Father of a Montclair High School senior
The college essay seemed like a daunting and overwhelming task that my child approached with procrastination and dread. After a brainstorm session with Jessica, she felt much more confident, and within a couple of weeks we had something that she was proud of and it was written in her voice. Jessica made the whole process actually enjoyable and as a parent, how great to have the burden taken off my shoulders.”
— Mother of a Montclair High School student
With her years of experience as a writing teacher at Columbia University, Karen is kind, thorough, and knowledgeable about the craft of writing, and her cheerful personality made my son’s writing sessions fun. The essays he wrote helped him get acceptances from nearly every college he applied to. She really understands what the top universities are looking for in their applicants’ essays.
— Mother of a North Jersey high school senior
I chose Jessica Wolf to help me with my college essay because she has a diverse background in writing. She was extremely helpful and efficient. Even after meeting her in person, we would stay in touch via email or text. She helps you tell your story and/or explain an experience you have gone through in an intriguing way.
— Montclair High School student
Essay House’s process really made the transition of getting my ideas from my mind to paper so much easier. The coaches were always very encouraging and knowledgeable, and knew how to tweak and weave your drafts into a final product. I would definitely recommend the program to those about to begin the college application process.
— Montclair High School Senior
I was told it over and over, but the fact that the college application process is daunting and overwhelming didn’t really sink in until I was reading ten different prompts for seven different colleges and didn’t know where to begin. Having an experienced outside perspective to help unscramble and validate my ideas was invaluable. Jessica helped me make sense of thoughts I could not while still allowing me to have my own voice. She boosted my confidence in my writing and, dare I say, made the process fun.
— Montclair High School senior
EssayHouse helped keep the stress level at our house remarkably low throughout the college application process. My daughter’s essay was a delightful and genuine reflection of her personality, and no doubt helped her gain admission to her first choice college.
— Mother of a Montclair High School Senior
Working with Meg helped show my top choice school that I was something more than what my average test scores and grades said about me. In all honesty, my essays were easily the strongest part of my application. Without Meg, my application and my ideas would have been overlooked.
I am so grateful to her! I also got into the honors program, so excited…
— Mira, Glenridge High School senior
I remember doing my first free write in your workshop in August and thinking how hard the whole college application process would be...You taught me how to write from the heart and made me realize things about myself that I didn’t even know. Thank you so much for all of your help, support and advice over the past months and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or EssayHouse.
— Michael, Montclair High School senior