Many colleges require applicants to answer one or more supplemental questions -- some require one or more supplemental essays ranging from 250 - 650 words. The supplements give admissions officers a crucial picture of why a particular student is right for a particular school. 

EssayHouse offers a one-stop Supplements Workshop to equip your student with time-saving strategies for making the most of this opportunity to distinguish themselves and show why the college of their choice would be "the right fit" for them.

Whatever stage students are at, we provide tools to get them to the next level.


Early Fall is the season to tackle the supplements! Most colleges publish their supplemental questions by August 31st, so our Supplement Workshops are offered September-October, to leave time for independent writing or additional coaching as desired. 

Check the upcoming workshop dates on our Calendar, or simply SIGN UP to hold a spot. Space is limited and workshops often fill up several weeks in advance.

The Supplements Workshop covers the three main tasks of the supplemental essay: brainstorming, research, and writing. We guide students in finding and organizing supplemental questions, acing the all-important "Why this College?" supplement, and strategizing to reduce stress and writing time if they are required to write supplements for more than one school. Here's what we cover for each task:

Get your Supps Together

During the workshop's first 20 minutes, we guide students through the crucial process of making a comprehensive list of all the supps necessary for their school list. Even if their school list isn’t complete, they will receive a template and create a starting list that they can add to at home in order to maintain an organized, formatted plan for completing all supps on time.

Why This College?

For an hour, we delve into the self-understanding and research necessary to give the best possible response to this question for each individual school. Nearly every school that requires supplementals asks this question in some form or another, and it is often the most important question of all the supplements. Each college wants an answer that applies very specifically to what it has to offer in relation to the unique interests, qualities, and experiences of the applicant. The answer requires mining a college's website for deep, particularised information that relates to the student. Many students simply do not know what questions to ask or how to find crucial information. We show them how to make the most of the question and guide them through in-depth research for one school of their choice. Once they’ve been coached through this question for one school, researching and writing other "Why This College?" essays will be far less daunting. 


For the last 40 minutes, we help students develop strategies. Some schools have additional questions requesting information about a student’s interests, character, or experiences; asking a student to design a course; or posing"wild card" questions (How would you major in "unafraid"?). Using students' supplemental prompts as examples, we show time-saving strategies such as planning ahead to "re-purpose" supps for more than one school, choosing the best questions to showcase the student, quick & effective research tips, and techniques for brainstorming and writing responses.

Students will come away with an outline for at least one question.

The workshop includes a break for snacks and questions.

Please SIGN UP to hold a spot as space is limited. Location and details will be provided when we receive your email.